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Aeropod Colony-30

Winter 2015

Team : Haya Alnibari, Tim Fu

Aeropod Colony-30 is an envisioned future airport typology that is spawned from an amalgamation of potential technological advancement in aerospace, vehicle technology, sustainability, and materiality. From such advancements, new aesthetics arise that aspire to represent the aerospace architecture of tomorrow. A 'Tabula rasa' approach is taken to completely reprogram the airport scheme and relinquish the long piers and travel time, resulting in radial organization. 


Aeropod plane technology is the primary drive of our vision. Planes take off and land on a electromagnetic track that suspends the plane off of the ground. Pods travel on track to/from the terminals to line up with the plane track and gets picked up or dropped off by the planes, reducing taxiing time.


Parametric computation and additive layering technology allows architecture to be built as bionic structure that mimics organic bone structure.This minimizes material usage while maximizing span and porosity of the architecture, creating a unique architectural experience. At the center of the terminal is an artificial oasis that that harvests algaes for biofuel, providing greenery for travelers while harvesting sustainable fuel.