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Winter 2012

Collaborative work

Aether is the fifth element where Earth, Fire, and Water are the other four elements that represent the natural environment. Spiritually, Aether is the life force and energy connecting humans to all the living and non-living matter in the universe. The procession to the sacred space begins with the natural paths that lead through a forest that covers a sloped mound.

Upon reaching the highest elevation, three seemingly identical man-made forms become visible in the clearing. The first monument is for earth, the second is for fire and the third is for air. Within each form, a space exists that is unique to the elements, and that creates different emotional responses. Existing centrally due to the life-giving quality, The circular water feature punctuates the experience. This experience is based on the power of the environment to encourage reflection. The visitor finds his or her own path to their inner balance and to their own intimate awareness of eternity.